Data publikacji : 2022-02-08

Kazania świętokrzyskie Prymasa Tysiąclecia


The submission presented below shall introduce us to the
nature of only a number of issues or even – to put it modestly
– just the articulated thoughts of a servant of God. We will
focus on the so-called first three Holy Cross Sermons. As it is
well known, the name refers to three primate conferences that
were announced at the Holy Cross Church in the district of Krakowskie
Przedmieście in Warsaw. Of course, the best solution
here would be to quote those three conferences in full and just
immerse ourselves in the text. Since it is impossible, let us take
some their fragments and subject them not to deep analyses
but to – in my opinion – just as inspiring reflection.





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Drożdż, B. (2022). Kazania świętokrzyskie Prymasa Tysiąclecia. Społeczeństwo, 150(2), 38–49. Pobrano z

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