Data publikacji : 2022-02-08

Ostrzeżenie Jan Pawła II przed kulturowym kłamstwem


Karol Wojtyla’s (John Paul II’s) conviction of the destructive
force of lies – whether ideological or cultural – resulted from
philosophical reflection, but mainly from his pastoral experience
in Poland – the „distant country” from which he came to
the Holy See in 1978. His meeting with Poland during his first
pilgrimage to the Fatherland in 1979 was – in this context – the
beginning of the Pope’s great work to relieve the society of believers
from everyday lies of the communis Later on, during
the pontificate, the struggle was aimed at the lie of the so-called
liberation theology, secularization of culture, and the so-called
new left in its various forms.

Słowa kluczowe:

John Paul II, truth, lie, communism, totalitarianism





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Zwoliński, A. . (2022). Ostrzeżenie Jan Pawła II przed kulturowym kłamstwem. Społeczeństwo, 148(4), 39–53. Pobrano z

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