Data publikacji : 2022-02-08

Wczoraj, dziś, jutro kultury katolickiej – refleksje rocznicowe


Activation of youth, dialogue, intergenerational, communication,
cyberspace, nonverbal com The inspiration, and at the
same time a reflection, from the forty-year perspective, were the
words of the Pope, which he said in Częstochowa on June 5,
1979 to the Scientific Council of the Episcopate. He appealed
for taking some responsibility for Catholic achievements in the
field of culture. However, the passage of time caused that „today”
became the past and „tomorrow” the present. The future
is still ahead of us, thanks to which we can still influence the
course of events and shape it by drawing knowledge from the
experience and achievements of previous generations. Therefore,
for this reflection to become a complete, changing political
context, which basically influenced the concept and formation
of culture in Poland, based on the teaching of John Paul II,
was entered in three time frames – „Yesterday”, „today” and „





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Drozdowski, M. . (2022). Wczoraj, dziś, jutro kultury katolickiej – refleksje rocznicowe. Społeczeństwo, 148(4), 93–109. Pobrano z

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