Data publikacji : 2022-02-11

Szkoła jako miejsce ewangelizacji we współczesnej Europie


One needs to remember about every person who works at
school and who comes to such a building. Each of them is significant,
also in the case of teaching about faint. Each person, in
a way, contributes to the identity of the school. Formation of the
youth stands for preparing them for prayers, sacraments and,
in the end, for the personal relation with Lord Jesus. Try to remember
that whenever you employ teachers, or even a janitor,
for the school. A person who established personal relationship
with Lord Jesus does not have to talk about it.





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Mazurkiewicz, P. (2022). Szkoła jako miejsce ewangelizacji we współczesnej Europie. Społeczeństwo, 147(3), 70–83. Pobrano z

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