Data publikacji : 2022-02-08

Twarze współczesnego człowieka

Janusz Diament


What is your face in light of Christ? John Paul II could ask any
of us such a question, if after forty years from the first pilgrimage
to his fatherland he decided to start another apostolic travel to
Poland. What would be the current reply of men? Would we be
afraid of Christ looking through our hearts? How much of the
teachings of the Polish pope is still in us, what is the „Restored
face of this soil?”.
The first visit of the Polish pope, 40 years ago, on 2 June
1979, which greatly contributed to the beginning of the downfall
of communism, evoked indescribable enthusiasm in Poland and
major reservations of the authorities. Next pilgrimages also had
played their role in the shaping of moral attitude in the society,
which later on was also visible in the social teachings of the whole





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Diament, J. . (2022). Twarze współczesnego człowieka. Społeczeństwo, 148(4), 164–169. Pobrano z

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