Data publikacji : 2022-02-03

Laicyzm i jego obecność w kulturze


Nowadays, the whole culture witnesses a discussion concerning
the role and function of religion and the relationship
between people and God. The said discussion also highlights
crucial issues, including the fact that there exists a cultural
and social space for largely common yet flawed opinions. Laicism
should be considered as one of them since it has been
clearly condemned by the Church. There is, however, a need to
consider laicism within the context of culture that does not shift
towards religious condemnation, but rather towards a natural
acknowledgment of evil that laicism itself represents and brings
into culture. Such recognition can be achieved by realistic philosophy
that is free from apriorism and open for the whole truth
about the world and humans.





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Skrzydlewski, P. (2022). Laicyzm i jego obecność w kulturze. Społeczeństwo, 152(4), 40–56. Pobrano z

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